Pair Trade of The Month: November 2022

B2 Gold Corp. vs. Pan American Silver Corp.

$1,443 in 14 Market Days! 36% Return

($10k/leg at 5:1 CFD Margin)

The Best Stock Pairs to Trade

Pair Trading for Income?

Looking for a part-time occupation that can be learned relatively easily and can generate a recurring income?

That can take as little as 1 hour/day or even less?

That uses a share trading system that has been shown to deliver consistent profitability over many decades and in all stock market conditions?

Look no further than stock pair trading with our award-winning software, PairTrade Finder® PRO.

Next, add in the live signals generated from our hand-picked, pre-loaded FAST 50 U.S. Stock Pairs!

Can PairTrade Finder® PRO Provide You with a Pair Trading Platform to Trade for Income?

At PairTrade Finder® we’ve made it our mission to teach you how to become a consistently profitable pair trader in 30 days or less. We (and over 7,000 others) are convinced we have the platform, the educational materials and a proven trading strategy to get you there.

Pair Trading involves simultaneously entering LONG (i.e. BUYING) and entering SHORT (i.e. SELLING) two “paired” securities.

It provides protection from market crashes, controlled risk and low correlation to the market averages. Add in the ability to generate significant income and consistent returns and we think you will agree we have a winner.

No need to worry about the typical investor concerns. Things like interest rate rises, inflation, unemployment, recession, investment earnings or a market crash!

In short, pair trading for income allows you to stop worrying about Mr. Market almost entirely. It allows you to find money-making opportunities in any market, bull, bear or sideways.

That’s why professional traders and managers are so attracted to the stock pair trading strategy. They’ve been using it successfully for over 50 years, in all market conditions.

Does It Really Work?

Multiple recent research studies across the whole S&P 500 universe have demonstrated returns to be in the range of 2%-4% per month* (assumes a 4:1 leverage basis). These returns have been shown to exist over decades.

You can also check out testimonials and comments of our subscribers at, just scroll down the page to the “Thoughts of PairTrade Finder® PRO Users” section.

Here are a few examples of very happy unsolicited customer feedback we received recently:

Pairs trading is easy to understand. It is a sound concept that is logic. I love trading, but I want to look after the money I have made. I do not want to stress about the next market crash. Pairs trading gives you peace of mind and the opportunity to make money.

PTF PRO makes it easy to find pairs. Easy to analyse and is great with trading signals. Your videos and additional studies makes it easy to understand the graphs. It saves thousands of hours of work.  Thank you for creating PTF and sharing wealth with the man in the street!”

– Jeremy D.

“Going great. And Support have been super.  Stat arbitrage is well verified and mean reversion well understood.. What PTF does is all the grunt work. Saw no reason to paper trade. I understood intuitively what you were doing. I jumped right in and I am already up…Love it.” 

– Richard T.

“Thanks for your relentless support and putting up with me over the last several weeks.  I have actually cashed in couple of successful small pairs trades.  I would recommend your product and support to family and friends. Life is good.” 

– B. Engberg, a.k.a Basement Trader

Is It Easy to Learn and What Do I Have to Do?

Like any of the best side hustles, there is some initial work involved. Additionally, there is always risk to be managed. We know this and have been successfully bringing new pair traders into our tribe for over 13 years!

Subscribe today and receive a 15-Day Free Trial of PairTrade Finder® PRO, our FAST 50 U.S. Stock Pairs and ALL our educational materials.

That´s right! We provide you with our acclaimed 4-HOUR, 13-LECTURE PAIR TRADING VIDEO TRAINING COURSE for FREE when you sign up. This course is taught by professional pair traders and is a serious value-add to your trading knowledge.

In our Video Course you will learn how to use our great software to easily backtest for the best correlated stock pairs. Then, we teach you to filter trading signals for entry, apply sensible position sizing and trade management techniques, and manage a portfolio. Using the knowledge in these videos will help to give you a great shot at reaching consistent profitability in your trading.

Then, with our hand-selected and pre-loaded FAST 50 U.S. Stock Pairs, PTF PRO will immediately begin generating live trading signals for you to review!

What’s more, we add in 13 software tutorial videos, an eBook and our monthly trade analyses, all for free.

Find out all about it at

Happy trading.

Geoff, Paul & The PairTrade Finder® Team

NB: The FAST 50 example pair trades in PairTrade Finder® PRO and the trading signals generated therefrom are provided for informational and educational purposes only. They should not be construed as personalised investment advice. It should not be assumed that trading using the parameters demonstrated by the Software will be profitable and will not result in losses. Please see our full Terms & Disclaimer here.

Join today for a free trial and immediate high-probability pair trading signals!

* See studies underlying pair trading’s profitability.


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