Become a PairTrade Finder® Affiliate
Earn Up to 40% Commission on Every Sale

Leverage Your Influence, Maximize Your Income

Joining the PairTrade Finder®  Affiliate Program means you’re part of the team.

Here’s what you get:

Tracking Dashboard

From your personal dashboard, create unique links, share them to your audience, and track sales. Receive updates when a lead registers and more. Automatically validated commissions will be deposited in your account.

Dedicated Affiliate Support

Get affiliate assistance whenever you require it via phone, email, or live chat. Also, you'll get access to partner resources and a dedicated Affiliate Manager.

Growing opportunity with PairTrade Finder®

Earn an initial commission of 20% of Gross Revenue per sale. Once an affiliate has passed $10,000 in cumulative sales with us, we offer an invite to our Gold Marketing Partner Cumulative Tier Program where commissions can reach up to 40% of Gross Revenue based on sales volume.


Sales tracking, commission tracking, and payouts are done by our third-party provider, FlexOffers.

We recommend promoting PairTrade Finder®  across your content. Blogs, emails, and websites make great places to add your affiliate link. The best results come from promoting PairTrade Finder®  within your network, as you will be seen as a trusted source of information. Using the PairTrade Finder®  name, logo, or ‘appearing’ to be the official PairTrade Finder site is strictly forbidden

We currently offer a 90-day cookie life. This means from the time they click on your link, if they purchase over the next 90 days (without clicking someone else’s link), you’re the affiliate for that purchase.

You can email our Global Business Alliances Lead via with any questions.

You can read up on FlexOffers Terms & Conditions here.

Ready to Start Earning Now?

Joining the PairTrade Finder® ’s Affiliate Program is very simple. Just share your referral link with your existing clients or in your articles and videos, and we will take care of the rest.

Sign-up for PairTrade Finder® ’s FlexOffer Affiliate Program here.