Pair Trade of the Month from Top 30: March 2019 (CRM) vs. I犀利士
ntuit (INTU)
Pair Trade Entry called on 28 March 2019

This month we are posting a video showing a detailed Pair Trade Entry analysis, as opposed to a Pair Trade Exit result. Covers the checklist of salient parameters to be reviewed on any trading signal generated by PairTrade Finder PRO. Happy Trading!

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Thoughts for a Productive Monday Morning

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Trade of the Month Feb 2019

Apogee Enterprises (APOG) vs. Masonite International (DOOR) $1,017 in 60 days* 25% Return on Margin* WATCH THE VIDEO HERE:

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Trade of the Month January 2019

Celanese Corporation (NYSE:CE) vs. Versum Materials Inc. (NYSE:VSM) $1,128 in 37 Days. 28.3% Return on Margin.

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Advanced Pair Trading 201: Using Entry Layers

Instructional video discussing the merits of using scaled-in entry layers when pair trading stocks with PairTrade Finder PRO™.

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And the results are in….

Group Of 10 Elite Hedge Fund Managers Made $7.7 Billion In 2018

Notice RenTech, Two Sigma and D.E. Shaw, all confessed equities pairs traders, occupying four of the Top 10 highest earning hedge fund managers in 2018.  Happy Pair Trading!

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Trade of the Month December 2018

IQVIA Holdings vs. PRA Health Services
$909 in 17 Days. 23% Return on Margin.
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Trade of the Month November 2018

Varian Medical Systems (NYSE) vs. Waters Corporation (NYSE)

$804 in 22 Days.  20% Return on CFD Margin ($10k/leg, 5:1 leverage)

>>>Click Image to Watch Video>>>

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PairTrade Finder PRO: Cointegration-Based Top 30 US Equities Pairs November 2018 Update

Our latest update of our Top 30 US Equities Pairs. We use cointegration as the primary screening criterion to allow cointegration-based pair trading.

Pairs target a p-value on the Cointegration Augmented Dicky Fuller Test of 0.10 or less.

Recent research (2015) has shown that a cointegration-based selection process for trading equities pairs leads to robust and statistically significant positive excess returns over the S&P 500.

See our

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Trade of The Month October 2018


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