Stock Pair Trading: Helping You Find Profits…

To help our new and recurring subscribers find profits from stock pair trading, we produce every 2-3 months or so a set of carefully curated Top 30 U.S. Equities Pairs.  These pairs are produced after hundreds of hours of rigorous analysis by our team.  They cover all of the publicly-traded equities on NYSE/NASDAQ/AMEX with greater that $2 bln market capitalisation and $2M/day of average daily trading volume.

The video presentation of our latest set of Top 30 US Equities Pairs and their backtested performance results over the last 12 months is here:

find profits from stock pair trading

What Do You Get with PairTrade Finder® PRO?

When you subscribe to a 15-Day Free Trial of our newest trading software, PRO v2.0, our Top 30 US Equities Pairs come pre-loaded for FREE.  They will immediately begin generating high-probability trading signals for you to review and to help you find profits from stock pair trading.

Most importantly, you will receive a Free 3-Hour Video Training Course taught by a professional pair trader.  You will also get access to 13 Tutorial Videos, our eBook and much more.  In these resources, we cover the trading theory, tools and psychology necessary to successfully trade equities long/short for consistent profits.  We will take care of you!

Not convinced of the profitability of Stock Pair Trading?

For more information regarding empirical research on the historic profitability of a stock pair trading strategy, please see our Pair Trading Resources section.  In it you will find recent academic research that rigorously demonstrates the robustness and historic profitability of this popular hedge fund trading strategy.

Still not convinced?

Don´t take our word for it, listen to what one of our customers said to us last week:

I started pairs trading about 5 years ago and saw good results from it even though I did not understand it as well as I do now.

My issue then was not having the time for all the analysis as my business took up a lot of time. It was very hard to find software to help.

I now have more time on my hands and have spent a lot of time learning more about pairs trading. I am far more a chartist by skill with an understanding of financials than a gifted programmer who is a mathematician.

I’m far more interested in running a good system that makes money safely and pairs trading ticks that box. I think it is important to understand what you are doing and why it works. Pairs trading is easy to understand. It is a sound concept that is logic.

I love trading, but I want to look after the money I have made. I do not want to stress about the next market crash. Pairs trading gives you peace of mind and opportunity to make money. Do it properly and you will make money.

The PTF PRO makes it easy to find pairs. Easy to analyse and is great with trading signals. Your videos and additional studies makes it easy to understand the graphs. It saves thousands of hours of work.

I also use pairtradinglab, and other software like sharescope, but it is PTF that is the key to making it all work easily.  I use the other software mainly for verification purposes and also to do research.

My only fear with PTF is what happens to traders reliant on PTF if it gets withdrawn from the market.

Thank you for creating PTF and sharing wealth with the man in the street!

Kind regards


Happy Trading!

The PairTrade Finder® Team

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