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How to Handle Trading Losses: Trading Psychology Vol. 1

All trading, and by necessary extension pair trading, is challenging and not for the faint-hearted. Large losses or a string of losses, especially if trading at excessive size, can devastate your capital, and with it you confidence and ability to continue.

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Understanding Pair Trading Risk Management: Stop Losses, Sectors, News & Fundamentals

Pair trading is a sophisticated investment strategy that requires meticulous risk management to succeed. This blog post delves into key aspects of pair trading risk management, focusing on stop losses, sector considerations, news impact, and fundamental analysis. Watch our short video here, extracted from our acclaimed four-hour Video Training Course titled How to Successfully Pair Trade Stocks

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Pair Trading Risk Management: Position-Sizing

Stock pair trading is a sophisticated investment strategy that involves matching a long position with a short position in two stocks with high historical returns correlation, cointegration, and fundamental similarity. Effective risk management is crucial to success, particularly in the area of position-sizing.

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SCALING-IN to Pair Trades Using Layers in PairTrade Finder®

Listen up Pair Traders. Are you tired of entering a great looking pair trade only to have the Ratio diverge even further the next day or few days? As this then drags the moving average of the Ratio down with it, not only are you nursing a big loss, but even profits from a recovery may be small or non-existent. If only there was a way to time your entry over a few days by scaling-in to pair trades?

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Using an RSI Filter in Pair Trading: Maximise Reward to Risk

PairTrade Finder® Ultimate Alpha 3.0 (PTF UA3) introduces an indispensable feature for sophisticated traders: the Relative Strength Index (RSI) filter. We give the astute trader an advanced compass in the sea of market volatility. Our video below has everything you need to use an RSI filter in pair trading:

How Does It Work?

Developed by the legendary Jay Wells Wilder in 1978, the RSI is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements, oscillating between zero and one hundred. Traditionally, a stock is considered overbought when RSI is above 70 and oversold when it’s below 30.

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Profitable Pair Trading Mastery with Our Top 60 US Stock Pair Stars: 9 Weeks, +$6,100, +9.0%

Refining the Art of Profitable Pair Trading: Genesis of Top 60

Behind every Top 60 US Stock Pair Star is a saga of methodical research and analytical rigor. At PairTrade Finder®, we’ve engineered a profitable pair trading system by meticulously scrutinizing over 2,200 tickers. This distilled wisdom is what shapes our Top 60—each pair an arrow of balanced performance potential in your trading arsenal, ready to be deployed in the ruthless financial markets. Watch our video covering the results:

Navigating the Tides of Trading: Stellar Performance of Top 60

The voyage of our Top 60 has been nothing short of stellar.

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Trading to Monthly or Weekly Profit Target Or Take Every Systematic Trade? Thoughts.

In the complex arena of algorithmic trading, practitioners grapple with a pivotal choice: should they adhere to trading with specific targets, or should they capitalize on every opportunity their system flags? This decision can significantly impact their trading journey.

Trading to Target: The Pros and Cons

Opting for trading to target means setting predefined objectives, such as weekly or monthly earnings benchmarks. George Soros, known for his exceptional trading acumen, once said, “It’s not whether you’re right or wrong, but how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.”

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Unlock the Power of Pair Trading with PairTrade Finder® Ultimate Alpha 3.0’s Top 60 U.S. Stock Pairs!

Imagine receiving real-time stock pair trading signals right in your email inbox or seamlessly integrating them into your Interactive Brokers’ account.

These signals come from meticulously chosen stock pairs, handpicked by former hedge fund experts to maximize your chances of success Our VIDEO HERE explains it all:

Discover the Top 60 U.S. Stock Pair Stars

🌟 A carefully curated selection of 60 USA Stock Pairs for both long and short trading

🌟 Generated through extensive backtesting, profitability screening, and fundamental analysis of over 2,200 companies – we handle the heavy lifting for you!

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Our 2024 Power Picks: Top 60 U.S. Stock Pair Stars for Our January Vintage

Latest 12 Months’ Backtest Results and Returns Analysis

Elevate your stock pair trading game with PairTrade Finder®’s JANUARY 2024 TOP 60 U.S. STOCK PAIR STARS! Crafted from our relentless research and hours of grinding, this January Vintage isn’t just an addition—it’s THE game-changing weapon you need in your trading war chest. Why settle for average when you can dominate?

Curated Stock Pairs for High-Probability Pair Trading Signals

Stock selection universe, backtest parameters and pair selection filters can be found in detail here.

All paid-up subscribers can autoload these stock pairs into their Watchlists for free. These pairs will then immediately begin calling high-probability pair trading signals you can analyse and trade as you see fit.

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The Transformational Power of Trading: Getting Your Head Right…

Today we want to share a link to an extraordinary story that came our way last week.

It is the story of John Carter’s 2020 trading year, as told by him in his journal and in an unbelievable article he wrote in 2021. He turned a $1.4m trading account into $19.6m in 12 months. 1270% return. How’s that for inspiration?

We are sharing this article as we think it highlights the extraordinary power of stock trading to transform lives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, or in the case of John – sometimes like a Hollywood movie.

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