The Best Trading Strategy Ever? The Results Speak for Themselves…

Is Pair Trading of stocks and other securities the best trading strategy available?

Pair Trading has been revealed as the trading strategy behind the world’s most successful trader, Jim Simons, who achieved a 2,710% return on billions of dollars over 10 years.  The flagship fund of Jim’s firm, Renaissance Technologies, is called the Medallion Fund. It is still the best long-term performing hedge fund in history.

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what the Founder and President of Renaissance Technologies had to say publicly in Congressional testimony:

Best trading strategy

The fund’s 30-year rate of return (66% p.a.) turned $1 invested in 1988 into over $4,010,000 by 2018 (Source: Wikipedia)

And an excerpt from “Who Is The Best Trader In The World? Jim Simons”:

Renaissance Technologies specializes in systematic trading using quantitative models derived from mathematical and statistical analyses…the Medallion Fund explores the correlations that could be used to create an edge to profit from. The Medallion Fund has the best record for long term consistent returns in history, it returned over 35% annualized over a 20-year span. From 1994- mid 2014 it averaged a 71.8% annual return. No one else is even close on long term returns, not Warren Buffett, not George Soros, or Paul Tudor Jones. Jim Simons is a giant in the land of the tallest traders.


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Unlike most other software programs, PairTrade Finder® PRO will give you clear cut and exact prices to buy and sell stocks throughout the trading day and after market close. These signals work: you can use the backtester to see for yourself their historic profitability which will give you conviction in executing trades.  It is also fully customisable – you determine the parameters of your system to best suit your trading psychology and style.

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Happy Trading!

The PairTrade Finder® Team

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