Trade of the Month MAY 2023

ICU Medical vs. Teleflex. $688 in 5 Market Days!

How to Trade After Earnings Surprises

Watch our tutorial video as pro pair trader Pedro Alonso walks you through a great trade in May, taken within 48 hours of an earnings surprise…on the edge…

Based on trading $10,000/leg and using Interactive Brokers 5:1 CFD margin

Learn to Pair Trade Stocks for Consistent Income Today

The power of stock pair trading is long proven in the investment world, where it is valued for its ability to generate low-risk profits month in and month out, sometimes on a weekly basis.

Why not subscribe for our award-winning pair trading software platform, exhaustive training materials and our acclaimed video course?

You will learn a LIFE-LONG skill of being able to produce income with low risk and very little invested time. What can you do with that income? How about:

  • Pay Off the Mortgage Early
  • Supplement Retirement Income ​
  • Help Put Kids or Grandkids Through College ​
  • Buy a Vacation Home ​
  • Geometrically Grow Your Trading Account…

If that possibility sounds inspiring, then you absolutely NEED to sign up for PairTrade Finder® PRO!

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