The Transformational Power of Trading: Getting Your Head Right…

Today we want to share a link to an extraordinary story that came our way last week.

It is the story of John Carter’s 2020 trading year, as told by him in his journal and in an unbelievable article he wrote in 2021. He turned a $1.4m trading account into $19.6m in 12 months. 1270% return. How’s that for inspiration?

We are sharing this article as we think it highlights the extraordinary power of stock trading to transform lives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, or in the case of John – sometimes like a Hollywood movie.

The real message we absorb from his unique trading journey in 2020 is the requirement to get your head right – to develop the correct trading psychology to be open to the true opportunities the market is offering you, every day.

Here’s a direct quote:

“Our outer life is merely a reflection of our conscious and unconscious belief systems. This is why I love trading so much. In trading, there is nowhere to hide. There is just your P&L. Your equity curve is a direct reflection of how much you are trapped in your own horse shit vs. how much you are free of said horse shit and are fully present and tapped into the market and what it is offering you right now.

We can fool ourselves. But we can’t fool the market. It will call us out.

For those who recognize that they are the problem, this is a journey that never ends, leading to many positive developments as a human. Those who think the world is out to get them will continually devise situations repeatedly to prove that the world is out to get them.

The only person that can save you is yourself.”

Here is the link to his article covering his inspiring journey:

To Financial Domination,

The PairTrade Finder® Crew

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