Profitable Pair Trading Mastery with Our Top 60 US Stock Pair Stars: 9 Weeks, +$6,100, +9.0%

Refining the Art of Profitable Pair Trading: Genesis of Top 60

Behind every Top 60 US Stock Pair Star is a saga of methodical research and analytical rigor. At PairTrade Finder®, we’ve engineered a profitable pair trading system by meticulously scrutinizing over 2,200 tickers. This distilled wisdom is what shapes our Top 60—each pair an arrow of balanced performance potential in your trading arsenal, ready to be deployed in the ruthless financial markets. Watch our video covering the results:

Navigating the Tides of Trading: Stellar Performance of Top 60

The voyage of our Top 60 has been nothing short of stellar. In the span of nine weeks post-launch, our traders witnessed a remarkable journey to profit, accruing a net return of $6,100 (based on trading $10,000/leg, Interactive Brokers’ EOD data) – a +9.0% Return on Margin. Dissecting the elements of this success, we find 25 closed trades, a robust win rate of 76%, and a rewarding average risk-to-reward ratio of 2.2 times. These figures are not just statistics; they are milestones in a consistent profitable pair trading strategy—proof of the formidable foresight embedded in every trade signal emitted by our newest pair trading software Ultimate Alpha 3.0 and the Top 60. Watch our video covering the results. The table below summarises how we did:

In the realm of reality, the backtest comparisons shed light on the transformative journey from theory to practice. While the backtest promised skies-high win rates (98%), the live signals refined those expectations to a realistic yet highly profitable ground (76%). The live trade average profit was slightly lower than the backtest projections, but the average win size in real market conditions was significantly higher ($595/trade). It’s this real-world validation that underscores our commitment to not just forecasting but actually forging pathways to consistent trading profitability.

Embarking on Your Profitable Pair Trading Voyage

Our Top 60 is not just a product; it’s a portal to trading prowess. To experience the full power of our profitable pair trading system, join our PairTrading 101 Webinar and unlock the secrets to stock pair selection and optimization. Engage with the heart of our system—subscribe at, and take the helm of your trading journey with Ultimate Alpha 3.0 and the Top 60 US Stock Pair Stars. Your future in profitable pair trading is bright and beckoning!

Trade with Confidence,

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