Pair Trade Money Management

“Dog” of the Month April 2023: AXTA vs. NVGT

Use Money Mgmt to Turn a -$703 Loss to Profit

For any good trading system, money management is a critical component to overlay. We refer to position sizing and trade management as “Money Management”.

April’s Trade of the Month barked and bit – like a badly behaved dog to be fair. However – if you are using prudent pair trade money management techniques – you can force a scary Cerberus back into his cage and turn this losing trade into a winner! Watch as professional pair trader Pedro Alonso takes you through what you need to know in this great VIDEO HERE:

See Pair Trade Money Management Techniques in Action

Learn Pair Trade Money Management Techniques Using Our FAST 50 Cointegrated U.S. Stock Pairs

When you subscribe to PairTrade Finder® PRO, we include our FAST 50 U.S. Stock Pairs. We’ve arranged for these 50 cointegrated and correlated stock pairs to be auto-loaded into our platform when you boot up PRO. These FAST 50 will immediately start calling high-probability stock pair trades for you to review.

How Do We Find These Pairs?

We analyse and over 2,200 US equities with market caps over $2 billion and daily traded volumes of at least $2 million to find you the best stock pairs for you to trade.

What’s more, we update this analysis on a more or less quarterly basis to ensure these pairs stay fresh and their correlations and cointegrations strong to offer you the highest-probability setups.

All pairs must meet strict fundamental correlation criteria and profitability and robustness measures.

How Do I Learn to Use Them to Generate Consistent Profits?

When you subscribe to our market-leading pair trading platform, you are stepping in to a 2-4 week training course to help you create your monthly income machine. We will teach you our trading system, our pair trade money management techniques, and how to use our award-winning platform to its full potential!

Add in the FAST 50 we have curated for you and we’ve done the heavy lifting to get you to consistent pair trading profitability FAST.

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Happy Trading!

The PairTrade Finder®Team

NB: The example stock pairs in PairTrade Finder®PRO and the stock pair trade signals generated therefrom are provided for informational and educational purposes only. They should not be construed as personalised investment advice. It should not be assumed that trading using the parameters demonstrated by the Software will be profitable and will not result in losses. Please see our full Terms & Disclaimer here.

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