How to Succeed at Trading: Thoughts for a Motivated Monday

If you are looking for how to succeed at trading, we suggest you look no further.  In the words of one of the robust recent research studies on pair trading:

“We test an equity pairs trading strategy that uses historical return correlations to determine pairs. We find that a trading strategy that bets on this convergence generates…alphas of up to 36% annually for an equal-weighted portfolio.”

Empirical Investigation of an Equity Pairs Trading Strategy, Huafeng Chen, Shaojun Chen, Feng Li, September 2012

How to succeed at trading

Pair trading stocks with PairTrade Finder® PRO allows you to:

  • Seek consistent profits regardless of market direction (Bull market? Bear market? Sideways?  It doesn’t matter with pair trading)
  • Use hedged positions to protect from a market crash (you are long and short correlated stocks in equal measure)
  • Create, backtest and generate trade signals from your own custom long/short portfolio
  • Manage the whole trading plan in under an hour/day, once you’ve learned your craft

Learn Our Recipe for How to Succeed at Trading Today

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You can also take advantage of our extensive library of Pair Trading Resources.  Knowledge is Power!

Happy trading.

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